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We exist to create
clear, effective, successful
brand communication

Our driving passion and purpose is to build a reputable, creative, ethical branding agency.

Out of all of your company assets, your brand is the most valuable. If maintained correctly, your brand is the one asset that will never depreciate.

At Thirdegreeº we are constantly thinking about your business future. We are passionate about brand development, maintenance, communication and the benefits it brings to your business.

We interrogate your brand and put the spotlight firmly on results, so ask yourself…
What is your brand promise – and are you delivering on it?
Where is your business heading?
What are your business strategies?
Will you adapt to the changing communication landscape?

There is a secret to brand success… get the Thirdegreeº


360º exposure

Having had exposure to some of the world’s biggest, most powerful and evolving brands, from 360º advertising campaigns to complex packaging, we have been involved in it all. Thirdegreeº  is a TTL agency (through the line) with clients of all sizes. We particularly get a kick out of working with SME business owners as we get to make big differences to their business’s bottom line.

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