Woot – happy days

More and more business owners are buying, selling or starting up new ventures. It’s a complex process looking into the state of a potential business you’re considering investment in. So you spend stacks of $$$$ and plenty of time looking at the balance sheets, the turnover, the legals and the health of the business.

You have forgotten a Brand Audit

The branding… big deal you say. It’s just a logo and a website etc isn’t it? Wrong. You are investing in a  business, the business is the brand. If you can answer the following 4 questions about the business without hesitation then you’re sitting pretty:

  1. What state is the brand in?
  2. Are there any investments needed?
  3. Does the business own the rights to their brand?
  4. Could the business be exposed to legal issues such as trademark infringement?

Legal advice is always best on such matters. At Thirdegreeº we know how to spot some obvious pitfalls and hurdles via our Brand Audit service. We know some pretty cool IP legal eagles that can help you out as well and we would be happy to put you in contact with them. So if you are looking to acquire a new business, we suggest you get in contact to find out what is really going on and give your potential new business the Thirdegreeº.