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We become Iron Mongers for a day

Lights, Camera, Action So as the production of Mel Gibson's movie presses on, today I have discovered our offices have been turned into a Iron Mongers residence. Its all happening around work today, teams of film crew are patrolling the streets and preparing for a large shoot for Mel Gibbon's new movie. Lovely people I [...]

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WordPress Tips for Hacks

We have seen may sites face the perils of the hacker of late. With open source platforms like Wordpress, Joomla etc, there are a host of fantastic advantages to using these platforms. However like all things there are negatives as well. All open source sites in our opinion should be set up too a "best [...]

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AGDA Pinnacles Event – AGDA Graphic Design

AGDA Graphic Design 2015 Great event coming up for the AGDA graphic design community. Find out what thoughts go on behind the design facade when creating a piece. Tim Buesing and Gabriel Tamborini, Reactive – The Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented Christopher Doyle, Christopher Doyle & Co – Natasha Cantwell Andrew Hoyne, Hoyne – Dinosaur Designs Jason Little, For The People [...]

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Acquiring a new business? Get a Brand Audit!

Woot – happy days More and more business owners are buying, selling or starting up new ventures. It's a complex process looking into the state of a potential business you're considering investment in. So you spend stacks of $$$$ and plenty of time looking at the balance sheets, the turnover, the legals and the health of the business. You [...]

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The Colour Dilemma

CMYK vs RGB It's an new age old battle… you look at something on screen and it looks great, good to go. Then you print it and… jeepers, what happened? Why, I hear you ask? Well it is very simple really. The monitor you are looking at right now is showing you pixels made up of three colours: red, [...]

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The power of digital

What is the state of your online presence? One of my favourite and most long standing clients Christopher Matthews from Sydney Accounting asked me if I could share some information regarding some recent upsets to the online environment that took effect on April 21, so he could make sure his clients were informed. So here goes… Surprisingly there are many [...]

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