It’s production time

After we have pushed the pixels around, made those last minute amendments to the text, corrected the colours and removed the blemishes from your photography, it’s time to check the results. We always advise our clients to factor in proofing of their projects. Some clients decline this service due to budgeting and time restrictions, but where possible we really do recommend it. Why? Well, in this fast-paced industry it’s too easy to just glance at something on a computer screen and approve it. But hang on a minute. Have you ever considered that the colour calibration of your monitor may not be correct, causing the colours on your screen to appear very different to the printed result? A physical proof allows you to see the colours properly and forces you to stop, take your time to look and sign off the artwork before it goes to the printer. It’s about managing expectations to ensure everybody is happy with the final piece of artwork.