Educating clients about the need to have professionally set up logos, images and assets is crucial. After all, you wouldn’t get your neighbour to build your house if she is an accountant and then complain when it falls over would you? Make sure you have your assets in order. The development of a professional Style Guide is a fantastic way to do this. This document will detail all of the crucial information needed for anyone to produce work in accordance with your brand guidelines and ensures you get consistent results. At the very least, a spec-sheet detailing the basics like colours and font usage would be better than nothing. Thirdegreeº would be happy to help create a Style Guide for your business if you really don’t know where to start or if you have any questions about the complicated art of printing our door is always open!

Digital printing

Digital printing has come a long way and is proving to be an excellent choice for time critical jobs that need to be out the door yesterday. But I hear you ask, what are the advantages and disadvantages of digital printing? In a nutshell, digital is great for smaller print runs, say up to 500 and it’s good when you want to produce variable data. For example, if you want to personalise stationery items by adding client names at the top this can be done from your database. Also, generally digital printing is a cheaper option, unless you are talking large print quantities. There are drawbacks of digital printing however, for instance the size you can print is limited. For those that want to ensure colour accuracy, currently digital printers are unable to produce PMS colours. Lastly, the quality of the print job is generally not as high as offset printing.

Offset printing

Offset printing is a widely used printing technique and best for large print runs of 500 or more copies or when you are wanting a high quality result. There are no size limitations with offset printing and you can use PMS colours or ‘special’ inks such as flouros or metallics. Printing techniques like varnishes, textures, laminations, foils, embossing can be used and knives created for unique shapes. All of these features can help your branding collateral attain a high standard and really add a ‘wow’ factor to your finished job. The only downside is like with most quality products and services, they come with a price tag.

Finishes and stock

If you are an environmentalist then perhaps it’s time to put your hand in your pocket and use a paper stock that is aligned with your values. Sure it’s going to cost more, but what’s the future of the planet worth? OK, we’ll get down off our soap box now as we understand that not every job can afford this luxury. Where possible it might be a viable option for you to explore anyway…