cmyk vs rgb

It’s an new age old battle… you look at something on screen and it looks great, good to go. Then you print it and… jeepers, what happened? Why, I hear you ask?
Well it is very simple really. The monitor you are looking at right now is showing you pixels made up of three colours: red, green and blue (RGB). These three colours can make pretty much any image come to life on-screen. Check out this magnified close up shot of a monitor. Unfortunately when you try to print from these colours, this is where the problems start to arise as professional printing techniques use the colours: cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK). We need to convert colours to the printer specifications and profiles and well your little old RGB values are not going to perform well. So what do we do? Well this is where it gets a little tricky.

Best colour practice

colour accuracyIf your colour is important to you (which it should be because it is the complexion of your brand) then you need to make sure you have your prepress work done correctly. This basically means before you go to print you should engage the services of a colour expert who can interpret the profiles of the printer you intend using and make sure your files are set up to match. Realistically in the fast-paced world, not too many agencies go this far and often mistakes regarding colour are the result. We think it is essential to get a colour proof done first on any work being produced in large quantities, especially packaging. A lot of digital printing does not tend to go to this extreme, but if colour is important then this option always available. Thirdegree are more than happy to help you with all your colour and printing issues – get in touch with us today!