What is the state of your online presence?

One of my favourite and most long standing clients Christopher Matthews from Sydney Accounting asked me if I could share some information regarding some recent upsets to the online environment that took effect on April 21, so he could make sure his clients were informed. So here goes…

Surprisingly there are many businesses who do not have a website or online presence, either due to never getting around to it or simply burying their head in the sand. At thirdegreeº we understand the impact that your online presence can have on your customers, both positive and negative.

Often no presence is better than bad presence. 

The majority of users searches are done via their smartphones to find a good or service. On April 21 the game changed meaning that if your  website is not “responsive” and adaptable to smartphones, then your search rankings will suffer. Not good news if you run an Adwords campaign or derive business from your rankings. If you are unsure, go to this link and you will soon become aware if you are covered.

As the online landscape is always changing, it is important you stay relevant. This can be a simple modification to the look of your site or UX (User Experience) and you will notice all of a sudden you are getting much more engagement.

At thirdegreeº we can not only assist in making sure your site is in good shape, we can also:

  • Meet and discuss where you are at and where you will need to get to in the coming years
  • Project manage every aspect of the job
  • Work to budgets, both large and small
  • Establish if you are being penalised and your rankings are suffering, often a simple fix can sort it out
  • Help if you currently have no website and show you how you can gain exposure online quickly
  • Look over your current site with a second set of eyes and offer you advice on how it could be improved, happy to oblige at no cost
  • Build reputable and successful brands and everything that they need

So if anyone is unsure or may need assistance, please give me call today on 0421 492 544.
Or if you would just like to read some more, check out our page on website design.

Your sincerely,

Matthew Hermitage
Creative Director & Founder