Useful Information

If you are thinking about building a website, advertising, producing packaging, selling product, capturing peoples information, developing a product, offering incentives, discounts or creating any type of communication for your business, we believe you should get professional legal advice so your project is done correctly. Have you considered the following questions:

  • You can not just take content/imagery etc from the internet/books etc to use for your own purpose. Do you have the necessary useage rights to use the imagery, copy or content?
  • Do you need to display terms and conditions?
  • Do you have the correct authority and/or guidelines to use logos in your work?
  • Never borrow or plagiarise the work of others!
  • Do you have the necessary rights to use other peoples material, images, faces etc in your works?
  • Is your Intellectual Property (IP) protected?
  • Do you need legal assistance?
  • Do you know whether your photography is for editorial or creative purposes?
  • Do you know or are you aware of if there is any information you are obligated to display?
  • Do you actually own your brand assets?
  • Do you need to get a confidentiality agreement drawn up?
  • If you using a tagline, is it already being used by another company? Do you need legal advice?
  • Do you require a Privacy Policy, Website terms etc on your website and does it need to be displayed?
  • Make sure your’e familiar with Web Accessibility 

There are many, many things to keep an eye out for, again, get good legal advice prior to starting a project to ensure you are doing everything correctly.

Here are just a few links that may be of assistance:

NSW Department of Fair Trading

Advertising Standards Bureau

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

Packaging Council of Australia

Food Authority

The Law Society

Intellectual Property

Liquor and Gaming

Promotional Activities

Product Safety



Marketing Obligations



Web Accessibility Initiative